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Are your employees spending too much time on smoke breaks?

By FSP Business on 03 February 2017

Many employers who allow smoking in the workplace often complain about the amount of productivity that's lost because of the frequent smoke breaks employees take. Here are five tips you can use to control the smoke breaks your employee takes.

How to pass a customer audit

By Linda Jackson on 01 February 2017

You are a supplier to retail… or you are intending on becoming one. You need survival tips for the audit that is looming. Well here we go!

Managing your compliance records according to legislation

By Linda Jackson on 01 February 2017

Have you ever wondered how long your need to keep your compliance records? We have put together some guidelines according to legislation - so make sure you tick the boxes!

ISO 9001 - So where are you in your transition?

By Linda Jackson on 01 February 2017

We have had the new version of ISO 9001 for well over a year, which means it is no longer new! So where are you in the transition process – hopefully you have a plan? If not, this article offers some suggestions for 2017. (Bottom line: You have a three-year transition period!)

The Basics of Lockout/Tagout Compliance - Part 1

By EHS Today on 26 January 2017

In part 1 of a two-part series about lockout/tagout compliance, the author examines the importance of lockout/tagout and the components of an effective program.

HACCP is Basic

By Rika Le Roux Kemp on 26 January 2017

Why food safety you may ask? Well, we can explain the urgency and motivation for food safety management systems (FSMS) very easily - it's a matter of life and death. We need food manufacturers as well as regulatory authorities to plan and regulate the food safety of food products

Lockout/tagout Programs falling short in Food Industry

By EHS Today on 17 January 2017

Although this article highlights statistics from the USA, the concerns are valid in the South African food industry too. This should make you think and having you reaching for your safety file to ensure you have a lock out procedure.

ISO 9001:2015: Avoiding nonconformities during the transition

By Quality Digest on 06 December 2016

The anticipated release later this year of the revised version of ISO 9001:2015—“Quality management systems—Requirements,” has many organizations asking what the revision will mean for them.

What's in your safety file?

By Linda Jackson on 05 December 2016

What information do you need in your safety file? Here’s a handy checklist developed by the experts

OHS Systems - Why on earth do we need them?

By Linda Jackson on 28 November 2016

If you read our article on the documentation you should have enough in place to demonstrate due diligence and compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and you might be wondering why on earth would you need to do anything more, but ...

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