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What should a Quality Control Manager be doing?

By Linda Jackson on 14 June 2017

A recent discussion prompted a thorough investigation of the differences between quality control and quality assurance. According to the American Society for Quality, Quality assurance and quality control are two aspects of quality management

Personal Hygiene: A Basic Prerequisite Program for Ensuring Food Safety

By Food Safety Magazine on 09 June 2017

Personal hygiene is (or should be) an integral part of the food quality and safety for each and every food processor.

Scheduled downtime

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 08 June 2017

Equipment breakdowns seem to happen at the worst of times, usually delaying customer orders. When they do occur, there is a rush to be back in production quickly, sometimes with temporary repairs. But without downtime, cleaning of food-contact surfaces is just not possible and cr

Exploring Quality Control and Quality Assurance

By ISO Update on 26 May 2017

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are both aspects of an organization’s quality management system (QMS), and even though they are closely related concepts, they are different in many ways. Understanding their differences is fundamental for any organization to effectively mana

The Cost of Pollution: 1.7 Million Children Dead Each Year

By EHS Today on 26 May 2017

Every year, environmental risks – such as indoor and outdoor air pollution, secondhand smoke, unsafe water, lack of sanitation and inadequate hygiene – take the lives of 1.7 million children under age 5, say two new reports from the World Health Organization (WHO)

The do’s and don’ts of food plant personal hygiene practices

By Food Safety Magazine on 25 May 2017

Good personal hygiene policies and practices are the foundation for successful food safety and quality assurance in all food manufacturing facilities. Plant personnel are among the most significant reservoirs and vectors of microorganisms, chemical residues and foreign materials

Is Your Sanitation Program Starting on the Right Foot?

By Food Quality & Safety on 17 May 2017

Cross-contamination can occur at any point in the food production process, making it imperative for processing facilities to be proactive in preventing pathogens from entering and spreading throughout the facility. Often overlooked, cross-contamination from footwear can come from

Enforcement of the Agricultural Product Standards Act

By Linda Jackson on 17 May 2017

So how do you know the grade of the apple you are munching on? Or the steak you enjoyed last night? Did you pay a fair price for the quality of the product you were sold? Well, that’s how the Agricultural Product standards Act protects you as a consumer.

Cleaning Compendium

By Linda Jackson on 16 May 2017

I have recently being doing a lot of cleaning at food facilities. It’s a long story….but I have learnt a few valuable lessons in the process. It’s one thing to make the audit finding another thing completely to take the corrective action. I have done a lot of research recently to

Listeria hysteria

By Linda Jackson on 15 May 2017

There was a great response to our recent article on Listeria. Needless to say it has been a very topical issue in the last two months. We have done a lot of research on how to eradicate the problem and have come across some great resources to share with you.

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