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Handwashing - the law according to R962

By Bridget Day on 05 May 2017

Today is World Hand Hygiene Day, and although you would think that it's a simple thing, hand hygiene remains a critical issue. Many studies and reports indicate that food handlers play a significant role in the spread of foodborne illnesses, through contamination during handling

Your lunch outing shouldn't be a game of Russian roulette

By Linda Jackson on 07 April 2017

Someone asked me a question today about what we as consumers can do about protecting ourselves from everyday products that are not packaged or handled properly before they get to the shelf? A though provoking question indeed given the recent press on alleged food safety breaches.

Cross-Contamination Conundrum - Part 3

By Food Quality & Safety on 24 January 2017

We often don’t stop to think that the meal we’re eating may be our last - but foodborne illness is a real risk. In the final part of this article we are given a sobering reminder of the dangers of ice.

Cross-Contamination Conundrum - Part 2

By Food Quality & Safety on 17 January 2017

We often don’t stop to think that the meal we’re eating may be our last due but foodborne illness is a real risk. In part 2 of this article we are given practical tips for how to combat the problem of cross contamination in a food service or restaurant facility.

Study Measures How Much Restaurant Management Knows About Food Allergens

By Food Safety Magazine on 08 December 2016

The Journal of Foodservice Business Research published a study indicating that restaurant managerial staffers have a lot to learn when it comes to food allergies -even those who have gone through training. How would you compare?

Cross-Contamination Conundrum - Part 1

By Food Quality & Safety on 07 December 2016

In today’s fast-paced world, we often don’t stop to think that the meal we’re eating may be our last. It’s not a pleasant thought and it is easier to dismiss the notion as something that happens to other people in a far-off place. However, each year it is a reality for...

A guide to health and safety in the hospitality sector

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

You run a 5-star kitchen and churn out the best gourmet dishes. Your kitchen is probably tiny and comes equipped with hot tempered executive chefs armed with sharp knives. Health and safety in this environment – a piece of cake! Check out the Department of Labour's views on this.

Your staff are sick - what symptoms should food establishments be most concerned about

By Yvette Montalbano on 18 October 2016

Working in a food establishment means direct contact with food. This brings about a number of risks which need to be managed to prevent cross-contamination of food which could make customers ill. Here are some of the questions which food establishments need to be asking...

Avoiding Physical Contamination

By Food Quality & Safety on 18 September 2016

If you ask family and friends about strange objects found in food, I’m sure you would hear many horror stories. We have seen newspaper articles in the past of glass, nuts and bolts, soft and hard plastic and more recently posts on social media. This article reminds us of the ofte

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