Food Focus Newsletter 2018 Issue 1

By: Food Focus on 19 January 2018

2018 has certainly started in full force, as the industry battles the ever-increasing challenge caused by the Listeriosis Outbreak we are facing in South Africa.  We're hosting a Listeria Workshop to help provide info and solutions for the industry.


South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak has now been recorded as the largest outbreak in history.  With over 90% of the samples from one strain (ST6), across the provinces, the Department of Health has stated that:


 “this suggests a single source of food contamination causing the outbreak, i.e a single widely consumed food product or multiple food products produced at a single facility.”


It's time for the food industry to address this problem proactively to assist in bringing the outbreak to an end and preventing any further outbreaks. To help, we are hosting a workshops to bring you the experts with all the knowledge. Find out more...


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