Food Focus Newsletter 2017 Issue 14

By: Bridget Day on 28 July 2017

Today is World Hepatitis Day.

International focus days like today aim towards educating and empowering people to address issues which are having an impact on society. Hepatitis is one such issue, and although there are many types of hepatitis, type A is transmissible through food, so we thought we would share some info on it...


What we were doing on Mandela Day?

We spent some time at The Almond Tree Baby & Children's Home on Mandela Day, discovering more about their vision of rescuing babies and restoring hope. We also had the privilege of spending a few hours bathing, cuddling and feeding some precious little ones.


If you would like to play a role in impacting our nation, one baby at a time,  visit their website to find out how you can make a difference...



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