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The risk of biofilms to the food processing industry (Part 1)

By iTram Higiene on 24 April 2017

Biofilms represent a significant hygiene risk to the food processing industry. They are colonies of different types of microorganisms covered in a protective polymer coat; this is a natural barrier that protects against heat, mechanical damage, disinfectants and desiccation

Your lunch outing shouldn't be a game of Russian roulette

By Linda Jackson on 07 April 2017

Someone asked me a question today about what we as consumers can do about protecting ourselves from everyday products that are not packaged or handled properly before they get to the shelf? A though provoking question indeed given the recent press on alleged food safety breaches.

Blame it on the Burger

By Linda Jackson on 05 April 2017

So, you suspect you ate something that didn’t agree with you after you spent one-on-one time with the white bowl in the early hours of the morning. But can you blame it on the burger? This article gives you the clues in helping you to identify if it was that burger

Ant Management

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 03 April 2017

Keeping ants out of your plant can be seen as a three-stage process starting on the outside of the facility and working inward. “You have to realize that ants need only a tiny little crack to get in,” said Cisse Spragins, CEO, Rockwell Labs.

Listeria, what should I know?

By Michele Pietersen on 03 April 2017

Over 80 years ago, L. monocytogenes was recognized as an animal pathogen that was widespread in nature, in soil, decaying vegetation and the bowels of many mammals. But in 1983 the first human outbreak was reported in Canada, proving that indirect transmission from animals to hu

What do food facility auditors really want?

By Food Safety Tech on 29 March 2017

Third-party audits are critically important to food companies. They are the primary tool your customers use to determine if adequate food safety systems are in place. This article covers some of the strategies and tactics you should employ to maximize your chances of a successful

Food Safety & the CEO: Keys to Bottom Line Success

By Food Safety Magazine on 27 March 2017

An oldie but a goodie - Bill Marler on the responsibility of chief executive officers (CEOs) and senior level directors and managers to keep up with the identification and diagnosis of these diseases in order to make smarter decisions about their businesses

One size does not fit all in food safety

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 21 March 2017

How well is your risk assessment documented? Does it cover all hazards that might be associated with your products? Does it rate risk on likelihood and severity? Are your risks

What's the big deal with raw milk?

By Linda Jackson on 21 March 2017

How can a substance so innocent and white cause such a heated debate? “Raw” milk (insert scary sound effects here) is a hotly debated topic between food producers, consumers and the government. So here are some basic facts about raw milk – straight from the cow.

Preventive Maintenance: An Essential Prerequisite for Food Safety-Part 3

By Food Safety Magazine on 16 March 2017

In this final part of our series on preventive maintenance, the importance of accurate records is discussed. A software programme can definitely assist but don’t jump to that before your paper system is working for you. Listen to the paper – it provides valuable information to al

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