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How do I get a Certificate of Acceptability - COA?

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2017

So, you want to start a food business? A business licence is generally required for businesses that need to comply with health and safety regulations. Here are some guideline for obtaining your COA.

Draft standards for public enquiry - SANS 10049

By Food Focus on 17 October 2017

SANS 10049 (SABS 049) (2017-10-10) SANS 10049 - the long awaited revision is now available as a draft standard for public comment. Please comment - we need a national standard that will work!!!

Draft standards for public enquiry - SANS 10330

By Food Focus on 17 October 2017

SANS 10330 (SABS 0330) (2017-10-10) Requirements for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system - this standard is also available for comment until 8 December 2017

Are You Producing an RTE Food … and Don't Realize It?

By The Acheson Group on 12 October 2017

Flour has never been considered to be a ready-to-eat (RTE) food. It is not treated as such in the field, in production, or at the consumer's home. But with the regular flow of recalls caused by consumer consumption of raw flour, that may be about to change.

You want to be a food safety auditor - what do you need to do?

By Debbie Brandt on 15 September 2017

So, you’re thinking about changing your career and exploring the exciting world of the food safety auditor - but where to start? Although Google is a very helpful tool it is practically impossible to find information with a clear qualification process or “map” that shows how to g

Interview questions for your pest control provider

By Linda Jackson on 14 August 2017

Engaging with a pest control provider is the same as engaging with any other professional service provider. You need to do your homework. Don’t rush into it. Ask a few companies for information and check out trade references.Your checklist should include the following considerati

Time bombs: Carriers, shippers do little to protect perishables

By Food Safety News on 17 July 2017

Described by a top Walmart executive as a mega trend that is redefining food safety, home delivery of perishable foods is a mega disaster in the making if businesses don’t step up and do the right thing.

Choosing a Food Safety Consultant

By Food Quality & Safety on 13 June 2017

FSSC 22000/ISO 22000 allows for the use of external experts in the development, documentation, implementation and maintenance of your FSMS. These standards do not define the role of the external expert, you have to do this yourself - but where should you use a consultant? Where c

Personal Hygiene: A Basic Prerequisite Program for Ensuring Food Safety

By Food Safety Magazine on 09 June 2017

Personal hygiene is (or should be) an integral part of the food quality and safety for each and every food processor.

3 tips to ensure clean and sanitary food-contact surfaces

By National Restaurant Association on 08 June 2017

Cleaning and sanitizing food-contact surfaces is one of the most important steps to prevent foodborne illness. Here are a few reminders to protect guests

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