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NICD Listeriosis Resources

By Food Focus on 12 June 2018

The NICD made a LOAD of information available to the entire food chain in recent weeks.  Have a look at some of the information that can assist you in being managing your risks.

Listeriosis outbreak situation report 11 June

By Food Focus on 11 June 2018

The latest activities in the management of the listeriosis outbreak, now sitting at 1049 cases and 209 deaths.

Listeriosis in South Africa - Lessons Learned Webinar

By Food Focus on 11 June 2018

In this webinar recording, Peter Embarek from the WHO and Henk C. den Bakker from the University of Georgia review the South African listeriosis outbreak in detail and share lessons learned.

NICD Listeriosis Outbreak Situation Report 28 May 2018

By Food Focus on 02 June 2018

1 038 cases have been reported from 01 January 2017 to 22 May 2018. The number of new cases reported each week has decreased since the implicated products were recalled on 04 March 2018 (Figure 1). There are currently 208 deaths resulting from the outbreak.

SANS 885:2011 - South African National Standard for Processed Meat Products

By Food Focus on 28 May 2018

Looking for the standard relating to processed meat products? That would be SANS 885:2011 Edition 3.

NICD situation update on listeriosis outbreak, South Africa 21 May

By Food Focus on 24 May 2018

1 034 laboratory confirmed cases have been reported from 01 January 2017 to 10 May 2018. The number of reported cases per week has decreased since the implicated products were recalled on 04 March 2018 with a total of 64 cases reported since 5 March 2018 (average 6.4 cases/week)

Environmental Health Department Contacts

By Food Focus on 23 May 2018

Looking for contact details of Environmental Health Practitioners at your municipality in connection with a Certificate of Acceptability? We don't have them all, but here is what we could find! (Please note details were correct at time of going to press, but may change with time

USDA Called Out to Take More Action in Reducing Pathogens

By Food Quality & Safety on 21 May 2018

According to a 2011 CDC estimate, every year one in six Americans is sickened as a result of eating contaminated food, and foodborne pathogens cause more than 9 million human illnesses (including 2 million cases from Salmonella and Campylobacter alone).

Food Fraud Requires Companies to Think Like a Criminal

By Food Safety Tech on 21 May 2018

Mitigating the risk requires implementing control measures and establishing traceability systems.

Food safety: are the sniff test, the five-second rule and rare burgers safe?

By The Conversation on 16 May 2018

There are many rules in food safety lore, some that have a basis in fact, and some that are purely grounded in convenience. But it’s important to look at the evidence to see which category common rules fall under.

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