NICD situation update on listeriosis outbreak, South Africa 6 Feb

By Food Focus on 06 February 2018

Listeriosis Update: 6 February 2018. 
Issued by: Centre for Enteric Diseases and Division of Public Health Surveillance and Response


  • The outbreak continues, with 32 additional cases recorded since the last update.
  • Outcome data is now available for 42% (355/852) of cases, of which 30% (107/355) died.
  • At present, the source of the outbreak is not known.
  • Municipal Environmental Health Practitioners in all provinces have embarked on systematic inspection and sampling of diverse food production, processing, and packaging facilities.
  • Cases of listeriosis will continue to be investigated, with trace back and further investigation of any positive food/environmental samples.


As of 05 February 2018, a total of 852 laboratory-confirmed listeriosis cases have been reported to NICD since 01 January 2017 (Figure 1). Most cases have been reported from Gauteng Province (59%, 505/852) followed by Western Cape (13%, 107/852) and KwaZulu-Natal (7%, 63/852) provinces.

Cases have been diagnosed in both public (66%, 558/852) and private (34%, 294/852) healthcare sectors. Diagnosis was based most commonly on the isolation of Listeria monocytogenes in blood culture (71%, 609/852), followed by CSF (22%, 191/852). Where age was reported (n=823), ages range from birth to 93 years (median 19 years) and 42% (344/823) are neonates aged ≤28 days (Figure 2). Of neonatal cases, 96% (331/344) had early-onset disease (birth to ≤6 days). Females account for 55% (457/825) of cases where gender is reported.


Final outcome data is available for 42% (355/852) of cases, of which 30% (107/355) died.


Download NICD Situation update on listeriosis outbreak South Africa_06 February 2018.pdf


Source: The National Institute for Communicable Diseases

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