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Why banning laptops from airplane cabins doesn't make sense

By The Conversation on 29 June 2017

Recent reports suggest that terrorists can now create bombs so thin that they cannot be detected by the current X-ray screening that our carry-on bags undergo, so the U.S is considering banning laptops and other large electronic devices in the passenger cabins. But will this red

Stellenbosch University researchers develop easy method to detect SA honey fraud

By Foodstuff South Africa on 05 April 2017

How does the industry fight back against food fraud? Well, food scientists and researchers from Stellenbosch University (SU) and the Sapienza University of Rome have developed a quick and user-friendly method to detect whether the honey in question is the real thing or not.

See, hear, and speak no evil ... are you guilty?

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 04 April 2017

Are we guilty of seeing, hearing and speaking no evil in our daily lives as quality and food safety leaders? Instead of wearing blinders, earplugs, and muzzles (figuratively or literally), we need to be doing everything we can to build our relationships with company executives as

A toolbox talk on toolbox talks

By Elsabé Steyn on 03 April 2017

A “Toolbox Talk” in South African terms is the industry accepted name used for a short interactive Health and Safety discussion and training session normally held by the Supervisor with his team and conducted at the beginning of a shift. The Aussies call it a “Safety Huddle”

Choosing the best Backup for your Business

By Carel Krogh on 31 March 2017

Data backup and recovery grows more complex as the size of your business grows. This has a direct impact on the complexity of data backup, so in this article we discover the nuts and bolts or data backup, and how to choose a method that best meets your needs and mitigates your ri

Data Backup - a Recipe to Avert Disaster

By Carel Krogh on 31 March 2017

The pace at which we are moving in today’s world, backing up your files and data is no longer just of utmost importance, but possibly the single most important point of failure that can cripple or kill your business

Food Fraud on the Rise

By Food Quality & Safety on 29 March 2017

“While food fraud has been around for centuries, with a handful of notorious cases well-documented, we suspect that what we know about the topic is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Jeffrey Moore, senior scientific liaison for the USP.

9 things your supervisors should know about toolbox talks

By Safety Smart on 21 March 2017

Tool box talks, tailgate meetings, safety time-outs, crew briefings – the names vary by industry. But no matter what you call them or what industry you’re in, don’t assume that your site supervisors or crew leaders embrace the need for these gatherings or even understand what you

Food fraud - food safety schemes are fighting back

By Nuno F. Soares on 16 March 2017

Food Fraud can be defined as the deception of consumers using food products, ingredients and packaging for economic gain. According to a GFSI report it is estimated that it could cost the global food industry $30-40 billion...

Ransomware Part 2 - Address your Risk

By Carel Krogh on 07 March 2017

So is prevention practical or achievable? Let’s take a step back. What are the basics to ensure there is at least a basic level of protection to address the risk. Basic security principles will set you up to defend at least against non-specific attacks against your infrastructure

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