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Mitigating Food Fraud Is Complex, But Not Impossible

By Food Safety Tech on 05 July 2017

Food fraud has significant economic and public health implications, and companies should be prepared to go beyond FSMA requirements to confront the threat.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Testing Laboratory

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 03 July 2017

Choosing an analytical testing laboratory or the type of test methods to confirm or identify the condition of a food or beverage product is not an easy task. Decisions need to be made on the types of testing that are appropriate or necessary; whether to perform the testing onesel

Raw Materials: Selection, Specifications, Certificate of Analysis Part 1

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 30 June 2017

Raw materials (ingredients, processing aids, and packaging materials) are the foundation of finished food products. As such, they must meet regulatory requirements (safe and legal for your intended use) and your specifications (contribute to the functionality and quality of your

What are Ten Common Ways to Improve Your QMS

By ISO Update on 19 June 2017

For any QMS to improve, it is essential that everyone is committed to seeking problems, evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of processes and implementing better and improved ideas. Management should be the first to make this commitment and if management “walks the talk” then

What should a Quality Control Manager be doing?

By Linda Jackson on 14 June 2017

A recent discussion prompted a thorough investigation of the differences between quality control and quality assurance. According to the American Society for Quality, Quality assurance and quality control are two aspects of quality management

Exploring Quality Control and Quality Assurance

By ISO Update on 26 May 2017

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are both aspects of an organization’s quality management system (QMS), and even though they are closely related concepts, they are different in many ways. Understanding their differences is fundamental for any organization to effectively mana

Assuring Water Quality and Safety in Food Processing (Part 4)

By Food Safety Magazine on 10 May 2017

Most people take water for granted. But it is a valuable asset, particularly within the food processing industry and Part 4 of this article considers how to interpret your water quality results

Assuring Water Quality and Safety in Food Processing (Part 3)

By Food Safety Magazine on 03 May 2017

How ice is manufactured, stored and used is another issue that should be part of a processor’s water management program. There is a sense that plant workers and their managers believe that frozen water cannot be a source of contamination.

Assuring Water Quality and Safety in Food Processing (Part 2)

By Food Safety Magazine on 19 April 2017

Most people take water for granted. In the United States, Japan and in Western Europe, all that an individual needs to do is turn on the tap at any time in the day or night to get clean, potable water. Part 2 of this article considers the uses of water.

Top Five Tips to Ensure Effective Procedures in Your QMS

By ISO Update on 19 April 2017

The ISO 9001 quality management system requires for organizations to write different procedures to prevent non-conformances and to guaranty that specific jobs and processes are carried out correctly. Here are some tips for writing effective procedures

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