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Health and safety is a legal requirement and serves to protect your employees

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The truth about health hazards in the poultry industry - what's really happening to your workers - Part 3

By Leon Harmse on 19 September 2016

In part 3 of the article where we dig into the research conducted in the poultry industry by South African Leon Harmse, the conclusions of the review highlighted that management must take responsibility for the hazardous situations and rectify these.

Do’s and Don’ts for forklift safety

By Linda Jackson on 18 September 2016

They have the strength of Superman; we can’t run a food operation without them; but they can kill. In this article we talk about the do’s and don’ts for owners, drivers and pedestrians.

Kitchen Safety Tips - We all need them

By Linda Jackson on 18 September 2016

We all have kitchens. But would you pass a safety audit? It’s time to consider basic safety requirements and ensure you implement them in your hotel kitchen and your home. This article deals with the basics we should all practice.

Employment Medicals - What you need to know

By Yvette Montalbano on 18 September 2016

So you heard from your friend of a friend that because you are an employer, you need to do medicals on all your staff. And you are thinking that it’s just another scare story. You would be wrong! As an employer, it is your responsibility to reduce risks in the workplace.

Employee health – a contentious issue

By Linda Jackson on 17 September 2016

Every audit highlights the sensitivity of handling employee health. How to identify symptoms, what to do once you have, how to handle days off in terms of sick leave and where to place employees that may still be infectious are just some of the discussions that are had. And that’

The low-down on using latex gloves in food preparation

By Linda Jackson on 17 September 2016

A recent question about the use of latex gloves sent me back to check my facts. In part 1, we go back to the basics to understand why gloves are even considered in the food industry. You need to know this information to be able to make the right call on your risk assessment.

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