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Health and safety is a legal requirement and serves to protect your employees

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Safety Maturity: 3 Crucial Elements of Best-in-Class Safety - Part 2

By EHS Today on 04 July 2017

Find out how your company measures up when it comes to safety. A safety culture generally is indicative of the broader company culture.

Safety Maturity: 3 Crucial Elements of Best-in-Class Safety - Part 1

By EHS Today on 27 June 2017

Find out how your company measures up when it comes to safety.The human cost of occupational accidents is vast. Worker safety is a fundamental human need and requirement in industrial settings. It protects workers, prevents unnecessary downtime and satisfies standards compliance.

A uniform approach to HACCP

By Food Quality & Safety on 11 May 2017

Under HACCP, it is every manufacturer’s prerogative to rank the severity of the physical, chemical and microbial dangers in a process. While uniforms and garments are not likely the weakest link for a business in which food safety is imperative, operators should recognize the ris

Culture carriers ensure that safety comes first

By Bridget Day on 28 April 2017

The larger your company, the more you must rely on delegation and the efficacy of your systems to conduct key messages, behaviours and activities to all members in the company. But is that enough?

Supporting a Culture of Caring Can Reduce Injuries and Costs, Improve Performance

By EHS Today on 18 April 2017

A senior vice president at an insurance company who is an expert in workers’ compensation insurance shares ways clients have reduced injuries, improved morale, saved money and increased production

Focus on road safety

By Elsabé Steyn on 12 April 2017

Do you have personnel on the road, if so there is a high risk for injuries and fatalities, especially around busy holiday periods. And although you may have policies and procedures in place, are they good enough? Elsabé Steyn addresses this question with practical advice.

The latest update on ISO 45001

By Linda Jackson on 03 April 2017

The development of the new ISO standard for occupational health and safety has been a bumpy ride. ISO 45001 will replace OHSAS 18001 as the internationally acknowledged standard for Occupational Health and Safety management systems.

Incidents versus Accidents

By Elsabé Steyn on 29 March 2017

A bank robbery, a funny or controversial situation, an argument between celebrities, etc. – all can be described as incidents. An accident is a bad event caused by error or by chance. Accidents are always unintentional, and they usually result in some damage or injury

Latest transmission patterns for drug resistant TB pose a new challenge

By The Conversation on 24 March 2017

The emergence of drug resistant tuberculosis has resulted in scientists taking a more aggressive and urgent approach to research into the development of the disease. As the number of drug resistant TB cases has continued to rise, so has the need for rapid diagnosis, new treatment

The Basics of Lockout/Tagout Compliance - Part 2

By EHS Today on 03 February 2017

In part 2 of this two-part series about lockout/tagout compliance, the author examines the importance of lockout/tagout and the components of an effective program.

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