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Healthy soil is the real key to feeding the world

By The Conversation on 04 May 2017

One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable. It can be, but it isn’t necessarily. After all, soil erosion from chemical-free tilled fields undermined the Roman Empire and other ancient societies around the world

How to be a water-saving superhero

By Bridget Day on 22 March 2017

97% of the world’s water supply contained in the oceans leaving only 3% fresh water available for consumption and use. Today is World Water Day, so here are some more interesting (and concerning) facts about water

Have you checked your water quality lately?

By Linda Jackson on 16 March 2017

If you have been watching the Vaal dam levels you would have seen the amazing change over the last few months from severe water restrictions to possibly too much water. The recent drought should have brought about significant water savings in your facility, but just because these

Why Going Green Can Bring in the Green $$$

By Quality Digest on 06 March 2017

At times it can be difficult to have a common-sense discussion about the relationship between business and the natural environment. The discourse tends to be highly charged, and the opposing camps seem to have lost the ability to listen to each other.

Tackling the food waste challenge with technology

By Wayne Visser on 22 February 2017

Innovation in packaging and refrigeration can reduce waste – as can changes in behaviour. The challenges of the 21st century will stretch our collective capacity for innovation like never before. Take food security...

Drought in southern Africa points to urgent need for climate change plans

By The Conversation on 08 December 2016

It is expected that temperatures in southern Africa will rise to between 1.5°C and 3°C due to climate change by the year 2050. This is likely to cause heavy fluctuations of weather patterns and more frequent severe weather events like droughts and floods. Agriculture will be seve

10 Green Tips - Toolbox Talk

By Linda Jackson on 06 December 2016

We should all be doing our bit to reduce our impact on the environment. As an employer, you can use this toolbox talk to mobilise your employees to play their part too. They might even help you save some money

Why does soil matter (Infographic)

By Bridget Day on 05 December 2016

We celebrate World Soil Day on 5 December - but what is it about soil that is so important? This infographic will give you a few thought-provoking facts about why soil matters so much.

5 Benefits of the Revised ISO 14001 (Infographic)

By Linda Jackson on 15 November 2016

Discover the benefits of the revised ISO 14001

The new ISO 14001 standard and you

By Linda Jackson on 14 November 2016

Why was ISO 14001 revised? According to the International organisation for standardization (ISO), all ISO standards are reviewed and revised regularly to make sure they remain relevant to the marketplace. This article explores some of these changes

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