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Intermediate Environmental Management

By Linda Jackson on 14 November 2016

You are serious about cleaning up your act. You may have been fined for excessive emissions, effluent or water usage. You are considering expanding and are required to conduct an environmental impact assessment. You need an environmental management system.

Advanced Environmental Management

By Linda Jackson on 14 November 2016

Been there, done that, got the T shirt? You have achieved certification for ISO 14001. And now they change the standard! This article provides an overview of the compliance journey from novice to advanced.

Novice Environmental Management

By Linda Jackson on 08 November 2016

Have you been wondering what your business is doing to the environment? Have you just received your last water bill along with a fine for excessive use? Are your customers talking about sustainability and you don’t know what this means?

SANS/ISO 50001 - links between sustainability and HACCP

By Andrew Murray on 02 November 2016

Need to be more energy efficient? That is a rhetorical question. Andrew Murry explains how a ISO energy management standard can assist you.

Sustainability for the long haul - a case study special edition

By Food Quality & Safety on 19 October 2016

Sustainable manufacturing and processing, which reduces raw materials waste and minimizes refuse, is more than a passing trend for companies both large and small during this economic recession. As companies using such practices see it, sustainability attracts consumers. But more

Is increasing obesity contributing to the water shortage - virtual water in the food basket

By Andrew Murray on 19 September 2016

With water restrictions looming yet again, the question has to be asked - what is the food industry doing about this scarce and precious resource. Well firstly - do you know how much you are using and how much you are wasting in your process?

Industry is Reducing its Ecological Footprint

By Food Quality & Safety on 18 September 2016

What are some secrets to achieving greater financial success with lower production costs, improving product function and quality, and increasing market share? How do we improve environmental performance, develop better relationships with stakeholders, and lower risks? According t

What should you being doing about the water crisis?

By Linda Jackson on 17 September 2016

So with water restrictions looming again we take a look at what you can do about this crisis. Use our handy checklist to make sure you have considered easy to implement practices

War on waste water in dairy processing

By Linda Jackson on 17 September 2016

In a country where water is such a precious commodity, the need to more to use this resources responsibly is obvious. Check your performance against best practice industry guidelines developed by the World Bank and IFC.

Take the environmental test

By Linda Jackson on 17 September 2016

We have all seen the photos on some TV programme about the masses of waste that is going to landfill daily, polluting rivers and the sea. What is you company doing about this? It’s not as difficult as you think. This article provides you with a handy checklist for audit your faci

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